Ply separator : PLYS 15

Vulcanizing presses


Connect the equipment to a 230 v or 400 v three-phase depending on the voltage shown on the technical specifications plate, and its corresponding earth connection

This equipment has a rotation selector. The ply separator is activated by a reducer motor and drive shaft, with manually controlled height adjustment by way of eccentrics. Support table with adjustable cutting width guide. Pinch roller closure activated by compression spring.


Food industry


Sugar factory

Dimensions 481 × 402 × 370 mm (l × w × h)
Weight 31 Kg
Blade width 100 mm
Max. cutting width 160 mm
Max. thickness 20 mm
Voltage 1x220V
Power 0.37 Kw

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MLT Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA has specialized in the processing and distribution of stone materials for over a century.

Their production facilities are located at La Ballastière, on the west side of the town of Gland, Switzerland.

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