Self-Lock® fasteners for light duty belts

Splices for light duty belts

With its experience in manufacturing splicing solutions for conveyor belts.

MLT Group offers its know-how and expertise through a complete range of solutions for PVC/PU belts. 
Discover all the products in the range.

IFS™ Invisible Flexible Splice

The flexible splice for light duty PVC/PU belt

A thermo-fused and removable splice solution! IFS™ is an innovative and fast solution for splicing your light-duty belts. The new IFS™ splice has been improved to meet the majority of situations and constraints. Without any metal components, it ensures optimal sanitary conditions...

Clip’N Lock™

The only monobloc metal fastener with meander design in the market

Increased security, minimized risk of loss of one or more components, ideal for food processing applications. Clip’N Lock™ a flat fastener for light-duty belts! Thanks to its continuous pitch, Clip’N Lock™ ensures excellent gripping of the claws in wide...


A flat fastener for light duty belts

Patented fastener for light-duty belts. Self-Lock™ fastener is developed and patented by MLT. Its efficiency and ease of installation Self-Lock™ is a major innovation in the light-duty industry. The Self-Lock™ has a low profile with strong belt compression.

MR™ Fastener

The metal fastener for light belts that can handle starting against tension

The metal fastener for light-duty belts! The MR™ Fastener is a metal fastener with staples for thin conveyor belts. The staples, pre-positioned on the fastener, enable a strong resistance as well as maintain the fastener on the...

Rivets fasteners

A robust fastener which adapts to all conditions

Rivet fasteners are well suited for surface and underground mining, as well as applications in difficult conditions, such as quarry and construction equipment.

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