Agricultural solution Round baller for agriculture

Agricultural range

MLT offers innovative solutions for the agricultural sector.

With 75 years of experience, the MLT group provides a wide range of products for the agricultural sector: round balers machine belts, endless belts and belt repairs, grape harvesting fasteners, and many others... Discover our solutions.

Round balers & wrapper belts


Custom made belts


MLT offers premium quality belts suitable for all machines on the market in all standard widths available. We deliver belts in rolls, custom lengths or made endless by vulcanization or fastening.


Thrower - Slinger Belts

Thrower belts run under very high speeds (from 10 to 20 m/s), under inflexion rolls and withstand very hard working conditions

They are used for loading or unloading of boats and trains, in flat silos with grains, fertilizers, sand, gypsum, transforming factories, glassworks, wood chips, and more.

IFS™ Invisible Flexible Splice

The flexible splice for light duty PVC/PU belt

A thermo-fused and removable splice solution! IFS™ is an innovative and fast solution for splicing your light-duty belts. The new IFS™ splice has been improved to meet the majority of situations and constraints. Without any metal components, it ensures optimal sanitary conditions...

Titan™ 05 fasteners


The workshop fastener

The Titan™ 05 is a compact fastener perfectly adapted for severe use and is compatible with all of our round baler belts. Delivered with coated stainless steel cables, but also available with notched stainless steel rods. The Titan™ 05 fastener can be fastened either with a...

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