MLT - Marché briqueterie et tuilerie

Brickwork and tile factory

Terracotta meets the demands of modern life. Faced with individual and societal demands for greater simplicity, transparency, clean and ecological materials, terracotta is a cost-effective answer, made from a 100% natural material that allows for the construction of sound and environmentally friendly buildings.

A complex process to tame a living raw material

After extraction from quarries, the clays are deposited in successive layers in order to achieve a homogeneous clay composition. The mixture is then crushed. The mixture obtained is stored in an "earth cellar" after final check of its composition, and then, a final fine grinding process is carried out in finisher rollers to obtain the desired granulometry.

Brickwork and tile factorie market

Manufacturing process and weak spots


From the extraction of raw materials to the distribution markets, the MLT Group designs, manufactures and markets solutions that are particularly suited to this sector and its limitation.
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