Splice your belt simply with screws !

MLT is the original inventor and manufacturer of the SUPER-SCREW®, the only flexible screw splice, created in 1994. Our desire to go further in innovation and to always meet your needs has led the MLT teams to create new generations of SUPER-SCREW®.


The only flexible screw splice in polyurethane

In order to meet the most extreme environments and the most demanding requirements, MLT created the SUPER‑SCREW® PREMIUM : the first flexible splice to screw in polyurethane, designed for extremely abrasive applications*. The polyurethane that composes the upper part of this new...


The first splice in the world with a safety indicator

In order to optimize your maintenance and your conveyor downtime, MLT teams have revolutionized the world of splicing with the SUPER‑SCREW® SECURITY, equipped with a safety indicator. This new system allows you to predict and then anticipate the time...

SUPER‑SCREW® Evolution

The new generation


In order to always improve innovation, MLT’s R&D teams have gone beyond the limits of the SUPER‑SCREW® Original to create a brand new generation of flexible screw joints, even more flexible and resistant: The SUPER‑SCREW® Evolution.


The historical product


MLT is the inventor of the world’s first flexible screw splice, created in 1994: the SUPER‑SCREW® Original. Since then, this permanent endless system has proved its worth all over the world for its simple and quick installation in any situation.


Repair and patch for textiles conveyor belts and steel cord belts


For your rubber conveyor belts with steel cord or textile carcasses of high tension, SUPER‑SCREW® flexible splice to screw can be also ideal as a repair patch (holes or tears in your belt). Self-drilling and self-tapping screws...


Temporary solution

In order to give everyone access to SUPER‑SCREW® quality and technology, MLT teams have created the SUPER‑SCREW® Primary, the French-made flexible screw joint accessible to everybody. This temporary splice will allow you an easy installation in any situation in only 2 hours.

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