Water-bag vulcanizing press

Vulcanizing presses

MLT develops and manufactures vulcanizing solutions for conveyor belts for both heavy and light duty industries.

Whether it is waterbag presses for single-ply, multi-ply and metal carcass conveyor belts, or presses for thin belts, for endless thermofusion (workshop press, site press, ply separator, sawtooth cutter), the MLT group manufactures and markets high quality equipment to ensure you an optimal quality of hot splicing. Discover our range! 

Vulcanizing water-bag press

Vulcanizing and repair for heavy duty belts

MLT is a press manufacturer since 1986 and followed the technological evolutions of all these decades to propose, today, a solution adapted to your professional requierments. Conscious about your needs, MLT teams offer the conception of your modular vulcanizing presses.

Vulcanizing presses and tools for PVC-PU light duty belt

Technological innovation for PVC/PU belt vulcanization

The MLT ACI 1200 air-cooled press is designed for the splicing of thermoplastic belts by pressure and thermo-fusion followed by air cooling. This exclusive design of the method of air circulation inside the heating plates has the great advantage of making all the cycles...

Manual finger cutting : F120

Use and maintenance manual

Portable die cutter to cut conveyor belts in a zigzag pattern, featuring exchangeable cutting heads for different cutting geometries. Support bench with material positioning guides. This die cutter is especially designed to operate onsite for cut thermoplastic materials with interior tissue. The head is removable to...

Ply separator : PLYS 15

Connect the equipment to a 230 v or 400 v three-phase depending on the voltage shown on the technical specifications plate, and its corresponding earth connection

This equipment has a rotation selector. The ply separator is activated by a reducer motor and drive shaft, with manually controlled height adjustment by...

Automatic die cutter : DC 200

The pneumatic die cutter with motorised head allows conveyor belts to be cut in zigzag pattern, with ball screw activated by a stepper motor alowing the positionning control

Featuring pressure and die cutting time control and exchangeable cutting heads for different cutting geometries. This die cutter is especially designed to...

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