Vulcanizing water-bag press

Vulcanizing presses


Vulcanizing and repair for heavy duty belts

MLT has been a press manufacturer since 1986 and has been following technological evolutions to offer a solution that meets your professional requirements : a modular vulcanizing water-bag press for heavy-duty belts made in France.



  • Light alloy in high quality shielding aluminium
  • Totaly modular
  • Fast vulcanizing and cooling
  • Shielded heating resistors embedded in the core of the heating plates allowing a fast and homogeneous rise in temperature, and reliable heating data
  • Temperature up to 150°C (302°F) reached in 20 min
  • Composed of units with sizes 350 or 525 mm (1325/32 or 2043/64 inch) in aluminium, allowing a lower weight
  • Perfectly homogeneous pressure up to 14 bars (199 PSI)


Underground mine

Cement plant


Recycling plant

Fertilizer and chemical

Foundry and steel mill

Brickwork and tile factorie

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MLT Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA has specialized in the processing and distribution of stone materials for over a century.

Their production facilities are located at La Ballastière, on the west side of the town of Gland, Switzerland.

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