Mine de surface

Surface mine

A mine is an exploited deposit of materials. It can be open-pit or underground, depending on the depth of the ore to be explored.

The mining industry

The mining industry is the economic sector that includes the activities of exploration and exploitation of mines. It concerns the extraction of minerals, rare minerals, and metals such as copper, iron or gold.  It is the source of the production of many capital and consumer goods.

Ore extraction can be problematic due to the very abrasive and heavy nature of the material transported. The installations must therefore be robust and reliable, and rapid and efficient maintenance must be at the heart of productivity issues.

Diagram of a surface mine

Manufacturing process and sensitive points 


With an awareness of these issues and their challenges, MLT Group designs and manufactures specific solutions for mines that are durable, easy to install, and innovative in preserving user safety while increasing mine site operating performance.
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