Thrower belts for sand

Belts on demand

MLT has been designing and manufacturing custom belts for over 40 years. 

We have developed a range of highly technical belts that meet particular constraints in a specific environment. We produce customised technical belts according to your needs and constraints. MLT's experts will be able to meet your specifications.

Thrower - Slinger Belts

Thrower belts run under very high speeds (from 10 to 20 m/s), under inflexion rolls and withstand very hard working conditions

They are used for loading or unloading of boats and trains, in flat silos with grains, fertilizers, sand, gypsum, transforming factories, glassworks, wood chips, and more.

Sandblasting - Tumblasting Belts

Sandblasting / tumblasting belts are used in shotblasting machines

Used in forges, medical sector for prothesis, springs, fish hooks, knives and to clean foundry pieces after furnace unload. They are manufactured from specific fabric to work under inflexion rolls. Our belts are manufactured with a very high resistant rubber (abrasion...

Cable Drawing Belts

They are used in caterpillar puller or capstan machines after product extrusion

(cables and wires, tubes and hoses, small strips of office furnitures or rolling shutters) Our belts are made to order, with a carcass of up to 2500 N/mm. They are used by cable, rubber tube and high...

Hot vulcanized rubber covering - lagging

We vulcanize raw rubbers (from 53 to 80 shA) on standard belts, giving them special profiles

More resistant than with adhesive, our belts are perfect for extreme applications.

Weighing Belts

Our weighing belts are made endless without splice

(no risk of splice breakage) and under tension (no elongation after installation on the conveyor). The carcass is completely homogeneous, with the same mass over the whole belt. This process ensures optimal weighing of the transported product.

Profiles hot vulcanization

MLT vulcanizes cleats, chevrons, guides and sidewalls with the same rubber quality as the belt

(abrasive, oil, grease and heat resistant). These profiles, operating under very high stresses, are more resistant than if they were installed with dikes or bolts. A wide range of molds is available.


Food belts

As defined by their name, these belts are used in foodprocessing but also in pharmaceutical industries

Our belts are perfect for extreme applications like deboner belts, juice and soup producing machines... All our food belts are vulcanized from a certified FDA/USDA raw rubber and delivered with a certificate...

Endless belts without splice

Our technical belts are manufactured endless without splicing

The various layers of raw materials are continuously wound in our workshops: no risk of the belt opening / no elongation once in operation in the conveyor. Our belts have an excellent longevity and a much higher resistance than those with hot...

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