MLT Group - SUPER-SCREW 2024 screwdriver

The History of SUPER-SCREW®*

The revolutionary innovation that redefines splicing standards

MLT Group conveyor rivet H splice

1994 · rivet H splice


In 1994, in the depths of mines and quarries, engineer M. Notin turned his attention to a problem that had troubled the mining industry for decades: belt conveyor splicing.

It was then that he came up with a bold idea: the flexible rivet splicing. He designed an innovative system that eliminated the need for metal pins, offering a flexible and durable solution.

The H splice was born, and with it a revolution in the world of bulk transport. The new H splice not only improved the efficiency of splicing operations, it also paved the way for new advances.

Renamed SUPER-SCREW®*, it has evolved, perfecting itself to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

1996 MLT Group SUPER-SCREW Original

1996 · the rise of SUPER‑SCREW®* Original


M. Jakob understood that reinforcing tensile strength was essential. The screw was integrated into the splicing design, simplifying installation while offering unrivalled strength.

Two years later, in 1996, the H splice underwent a major evolution, separating into two parts and replacing rivets with screws.

And so the SUPER-SCREW®* Original, flexible screw splice, was born, launching a new era in conveyor belt splicing.

MLT Group 2000 new SUPER-SCREW Original coatings

2000 · new rubber formulas


System durability and reliability were optimized. SUPER-SCREW®* withstood the rigors of the most demanding environments.

The year 2000 saw the introduction of new coatings for SUPER-SCREW®*, including anti-oil, heat-resistant and self-extinguishing coatings.

Advances in rubber formulas expanded the capabilities of splicing. It became the answer to every challenge, from mines to cement works.

1996 MLT Group SUPER-SCREW Original

2006 · roll-packaging


In 2006, a new milestone was reached with the creation of roll packaging for SUPER-SCREW®*, offering greater convenience and better inventory management for users.

MLT Group 2017 SUPER-SCREW Evolution

2017 · SUPER‑SCREW®* Evolution is here


In 2017, SUPER-SCREW®* Evolution was born, offering increased strength, thinner thickness and improved flexibility compared to its predecessors. Improved washers increased tension resistance by 50%. The carcass was optimized to accommodate smaller pulley diameters, improving belt integration and dynamic operation.

This evolution helps address the changing needs of modern industries.

The SUPER-SCREW®* Evolution splice reduces the number of screws, for faster, more efficient installation. Downtime is reduced, productivity is increased.

2022 SUPER-SCREW safety indicator

2022 ·safety indicator integration


The year 2022 saw a further step forward with the integration of the safety indicator on the SUPER-SCREW®*, providing additional assurance for assembly operations.

This makes SUPER-SCREW®* the world's first flexible splice with a replacement indicator.

2024 SUPER-SCREW 2024

2024 · new SUPER‑SCREW®* 2024


And now, in 2024, we are proud to reveal the all-new SUPER-SCREW®* 2024 (from September 2024, excluding Canada, USA, Mexico).

In the light of our static, dynamic and real-life strength results, we can assure you that the SUPER-SCREW®* splice achieves results close to those of hot vulcanization.

That's why we call it mechanical vulcanization.

With greater thicknesses and a washer fully integrated into the splice lining, the screw is fully integrated into the upper rubber.

With its safety indicator, washers and screws fully integrated into the lining, and different rubber thicknesses available to resist wear and tear, we can say, without a doubt, that this is the best flexible splice on the market.

SUPER‑SCREW®* once again pushes the boundaries of innovation in the field of textile conveyor belt splicing.

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