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The workshop fastener

The Titan™ 05 is a compact fastener perfectly adapted for severe use and is compatible with all of our round baler belts. Delivered with coated stainless steel cables, but also available with notched stainless steel rods. The Titan™ 05 fastener can be fastened either with a vice splicer or with a hydraulic bench press equipped with a specific die. The Titan™ fastener is recommended in dry to mixed environments.


Titan 05 fastener


  • Very resistant
  • Very suitable for mixed-use (hay/straw / wrapping)
  • Ideal for very intensive use
  • Compatible with machines on the market, all brands
  • Ideal as a belt replacement or to make a bridge in high season
  • Stainless steel quality does not rust, and is moisture resistant
  • Available in several packagings
  • For larger belts, it is possible to put them end to end with a staggered mounting


Belt thickness from 5 mm to 7 mm
Type of belt Any type of relief of belts.
Caution: the diamond profile must be peeled / sanded for about 3 cm to be able to install the fastener.
Failure stress 650 N/mm (for the boot weight standards of today's machines)
Ø Minimum diameter 80 mm
Type of pins Notched stainless steel rod or coated stainless steel spindle
Steel qualities Stainless steel (409)
Pitch / diameter studs 15 mm/1.8 mm
  • Boxes in length 135 mm, 150 mm or 195 mm,
  • 5 or 6 fasteners per box,
  • Can be butted together to cover larger belt widths.
Clamp tool for Titan 05 fastener

Clamp tool

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