RacloFlex™ Z²

Conveyor equipment · Primary Cleaners

A unique technological innovation on the market. A system compatible with SUPER-SCREW®*, ISC & FIX'N GO®

An ingenious system that fits most conveyor structures. Each anti-clogging profile blade is equipped with internal 2 springs and is quickly connected on a pivot that allows slight rotation and easy change without adjustment. The multi-blades of the RacloFlex™ Z² are automatically adjusted to the belt.

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  • Economic and adaptable
  • High performance cleaning
  • Galvanised metalic parts
  • Notched bearing with fast opening system
  • Only worn blades require replacement
  • Various blades available
  • Retractable pressure rod
  • Adjustable on concave or convexe belt
  • Pressure via the integrated spring in each blade
  • Automatic realignment of blades to ensure central wearing


Food industry

Brickwork and tile factorie


Cardboard and paper mill


Construction and concrete plant

Cement plant

Fertilizer and chemical

Foundry and steel mill

Wood industry

Underground mine

Surface mine


Sugar factory

Thermal power station

Belt, mm 400 500 650 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
Scraping width, mm 378 504 630 756 882 1134 1260 1512 1638 1890
Number of blades 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 12 13 15

For any request of a scraper to suit greater than 2200 mm belt, the scraper will be manufactured to order.




    Racleur racloflex Z²

    RacloFlex™ Z² version is available for belt sizes from 400 to 2 002 mm.

    MLT_RacloFlex Z-HD r102_Équipement pour convoyeurs

    The heavy version of the RacloFlex™ Z2- HD is suggested for 1400 to 2200 belts, tungsten carbide 5x10, tube, reinforced mechanism.

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