Installation tools and devices

The ready-to-use installation tool

The Multitool™ must run on a ø 5 mm rail made by the buyer. Ensure that the machine is placed on a flat surface, that the rail is suitable for the machine rollers and the presence of the rail stops. A support post should be fixed on the work table.

Food industry

Cardboard and paper mill

    Clip’N Lock® bars Multitool™ pressure
    CL 25 CL30 CL40 CL50
Belt thickness, mm 1 150      
1.5 150 50    
2   150 200  
3     250 150
5       200

NOTE: Excessive pressure can damage the fasteners.

MLT Multitool description
  1. Magnets for jaws
  2. Guide comb
  3. Handle for locking / unlocking the comb guide
  4. Adjustment knob
  5. Pressure pedal

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MLT Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA has specialized in the processing and distribution of stone materials for over a century.

Their production facilities are located at La Ballastière, on the west side of the town of Gland, Switzerland.

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