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The revolutionary belt tracker

An ingenious system to keep your belts tracked. The StarTracker is the first self-tracker in the world. It is available in several models. The fully adjustable standard model is known as StarTracker. Compatible with SUPER-SCREW®*, ISC™, and FIX'N GO®*.

*Registered trademark, all rights reserved


  • 100 % compatible with SUPER-SCREW®*, ISCand FIX'N GO®*
  • Works with flat belt conveyors or troughing conveyors
  • Geared with an anti-clogging skirt
  • Geared with retaining locks for idlers
  • A large variety of idler quality
  • Strong structure, reinforced version available
  • Works head down on chevron belts
  • Symmetrical: belts tracked in every direction of belt travel
  • Economical: no need to replace the whole installation, but only the idlers in just a few minutes


Food industry

Recycling plant

Brickwork and tile factorie


Cardboard and paper mill


Construction and concrete plant

Cement plant

Fertilizer and chemical

Foundry and steel mill

Wood industry

Underground mine

Surface mine


Sugar factory

Thermal power station

Belt, mm 500 650 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
Flat return side Size 0 Size 1 
Long mode
Size 2 
Long mode
Size 3 
Long mode
Size 4 
Long mode
Size 5 
Long mode
Size 6 
Long mode
Size 7R 
Long mode
Trough superior part Size 1 
Trough mode
Size 2 
Trough mode
Size 3 
Trough mode
Size 4 
Trough mode
Size 5 
Trough mode
Size 6R 
Trough mode
Size 7R 
Trough mode


Use limits

Temperature range : -10°C to +70°C
Possible load range : 15 kg to 120 kg
pH exposure range : 3 to 11
Belt speed range : 0,5 m/s to 3 m/s
Do not expose to Standard version to corrosive atmosphere
Rubber idler to oils, grease, hydrocarbide
Polyurethane idler to Water steam, sea water
Reminder (see note) Angle of 90° with belt
Uniform pressure
Clean belt




    Belt Tracker StarHD

    The STAR HD are tailor made solutions designed especially for any conveyor configuration.

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SUPER-SCREW Evolution® on conveyor

Fernandes Autohandel NV

Fernandes Autohandel NV is a company specialized in automotive parts import-export which also has an mining industrial identity.

Main product used

SUPER-SCREW®* Evolution

  • 100

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