Fernandes Autohandel NV

Fernandes Autohandel NV is a company specialized in automotive parts import-export which also has an mining industrial identity.


MLT's SUPER-SCREW®* splices are the best solution for our team to quickly install and splice a belt. SUPER-SCREW®* comes with peace of mind, far greater than the bolt and plate fasteners we previously used. The installation of MLT's scraper system has also been successful. The scrapers have improved the cleanliness of the belt for two of our customers, effectively eliminating 90% of steps backward.

Khodabaks Faid - Industrial Services Director
Why combine 100% compatible products on your conveyor?

Customer issue

Today, many customers use splice systems which are not compatible with their belt cleaning system.

MLT answer

The compatibility of our SUPER-SCREW®* range with our Racloflex scrapers is an advantage for our customers. 100% compatible products can improve productivity and reduce conveyor downtime. Here, our customer based in Suriname installed a SUPER-SCREW® 125 Flexible Splice and a SUPER-SCREW®* Evolution 63 Splice.

Technical data

  • Belt speed: 1.5 - 2 m/s
  • Belt width: 1 220 mm - 48" and 1 600 mm - 63".
  • Product in contact with the belt: gold ore and aggregates
*Registered trademark, all rights reserved
Star product

SUPER‑SCREW®* Evolution


To always improve innovation, MLT’s R&D teams have gone beyond the limits of the SUPER-SCREW®* ORIGINAL to create a brand new generation of flexible screw joints, even more flexible and resistant: The SUPER-SCREW®* EVOLUTION.

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