Racloflex Technigum

Belt cleaning

Belt cleaners are essential equipment for your conveyors.

You might have noticed carryback on you conveyor belts and you wonder how to keep them clean?
Are you tired of your belts getting damaged way too fast?

This is where belt cleaners come in. Belt cleaners will save you the trouble of frequent belt cleaning while increasing your conveyor's productivity.
Your staff will be available to perform other tasks and remain safe.

MLT's belt cleaners work with all belt sizes or speeds no matter the environment or industry (mines, fertilizer and chemical, foundries and steel mills, ports...)

RacloFlex™ Z²

A unique technological innovation on the market. A system compatible with SUPER‑SCREW®*, ISC™ & FIX'N GO®

An ingenious system that fits most conveyor structures. Each anti-clogging profile blade is equipped with internal 2 springs and is quickly connected on a pivot that allows slight rotation and easy...

RacloFlex™ SW


A unique and innovative scraper, The only one with wear compensation

An ingenious system that adapts to your belt. The RacloFlex™ SW has a blade with two inserts that transfer the lateral external pressures to an increased central pressure. Therefore, the scraper adapts automatically and compensates for its wear continuously....

RacloFlex™ Metal


Maximum efficiency : economical maintenance

Independent replacement and adjustment of each blade. Due to the natural slope of the substance carried, the cleaning is intense in the center of the belt and causes a faster wear of the scraper. A simple mono-blade scraper cannot correct this problem and its blade...

RacloFlex™ N


Structure protected for a long time

An ingenious and adaptable system. Unlike the simple single-blade scrapers, the RacloFlex™ N is comprised of blades each supported by a shock absorber block which can be adjusted independently to shape the belt and compensate for the faster wear of certain blades. Faithful...

RacloFlex™ NT


An innovation that prevents wear and tear

An ingenious system that compensates for wear. Unlike the simple single-blade scrapers,the RacloFlex™ NT is comprised of blades each supported by a shock absorber block which can be adjusted independently to shape to the belt and compensate the faster wear of certain...

RacloFlex™ VP

Pilot segmented scraper with automatic pressure, high performance system and optimised service life

An articulated system that adapts to dangerous situations. The articulated parallelogram support keeps permanent contact with the belt no matter the wear level of the blade and makes it possible to raise it in case of danger....

RacloFlex™ DP

Technical, reliable and robust solution

Adjustable system, permanent contact with the belt. The sliding support allows a movement up and down of the complete structure so the cleaner keeps permanent contact with the belt regardless of the level of wear of the blade and allows it to rise in dangerous situations....