RacloFlex VP

Conveyor equipment ·Internal Cleaners

Pilot segmented scraper with automatic pressure, high performance system and optimised service life

An articulated system that adapts to dangerous situations. The articulated parallelogram support keeps permanent contact with the belt no matter the wear level of the blade and makes it possible to raise in case of danger.
Compatible with SUPER-SCREW®, ISC® and FIX'N GO®.


  • 100 % compatible with SUPER-SCREW® - ISC® - FIX'N GO®
  • Easy installation
  • Easy setting
  • Fast change
  • Space saving
  • Innovating design
  • Reduced scraping pressure
  • Easy modules change
  • Security by automatic removal
  • Compatible with different products
  • Angle adjustment for pressure distribution of the blade between top and sides

Brickwork and tile factorie


Cardboard and paper mill


Construction and concrete plant

Cement plant

Fertilizer and chemical

Foundry and steel mill

Wood industry

Underground mine

Surface mine


Sugar factory

Thermal power station

Belt, mm 500 650 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200
Scraping width VP, mm 550 685 950 1070 1320 1455        
Scraping width VP-HD, mm         1320 1455 1670 1840 2055 2230


Quality of blade(s) Wear resistant polyurethane : 25mm3 svt DIN53516-10N
Working position Oriented blade «pilot» behind support axle
Surface treatment All galvanised metal piece + Stainless steel hardware
Temperature -15° / + 50° C
Scale of pH 3 to 11
Maximum speed VP = 3 m/s 1 way
VP-HD = 5m/s 1 way
Do not expose to Double way belt : use the RacloFlex DP
Hot water vapor : special quality available
Corrosive environment : All or part stainless steel available
Uncontrolled clogging on entire scraper


    Racleur racloflex VP

    RacloFlex VP is suggested for 500 to 1 400 mm belts.

    Racleur Racloflex VP haute définition

    Reinforced version RacloFlex VP-HD is suggested for 1200 to 2200 belts, dDoubled support tube and reinforced structure.

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