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Fernandes Autohandel NV is a company specialized in the automotive parts import-export which also has an industrial mining identity.


The Racloflex belt cleaning system is one of the best on the market. It fits the belt perfectly which makes it unique. MLT scrapers have been improved so they have meager return rates on installed conveyors. Failed return rollers are reduced and cleaning costs are lowered. MLT's technical support is one of the most helpful and efficientwe had - unique in this industry.

Khodabaks Faid - Industrial Services Director
How to reduce the cost of belt cleaning?

Customer issue

We used to have a high return rate from our customers. Non-compliance with installed products was frequent, which increased costs for our customers.

MLT answer

With the installation of a primary scraper Racloflex Z² HD  and a secondary scraper Racloflex SW HD , we have improved our service and our customers are satisfied.

Technical data

  • Belt speed: 1.5 m/s
  • Belt width: 1 220 mm - 48"
  • Product in contact with the belt: gold ore
day of installation

MLT answer in video



Star product

RacloFlex SW



A unique and innovative scraper, The only one with wear compensation.
An ingenious system that adapts to your belt. The RacloFlex™ SW has a blade with two inserts that transfer the lateral external pressures to an increased central pressure. Therefore, the scraper adapts automatically and compensates for its wear continuously. This guarantees maximum efficiency and lifetime, with minimum maintenance.

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