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Prysmian Group manufactures cables and accessories in France ad sell them on the French market. The 10 industrial sites in France enable Prysmian Group Prysmian Group to supply its national and international customers with cables and accessories for energy and telecommunications. Prysmian is a market leader and "innovation driver" in all major cable businesses for energy and telecommunications.


With MLT endless cable drawing belts, we appreciate a longer belt life, we do not notice any deformation on our cables, nor any degradation.


M. Ferreira - Maintenance Manager
How to improve the life of the belt?

Customer issue

The life span of the old belt : the cable drawing belt with glued covers lasts 6 months.

Many deformations and defects are detected on our cables.

MLT answer

Design of custom-made endless belts without splices. The service life has been extended, no deformation or degradation has been noticed. With an MLT cable drawing belt, the life span has increased from 6 months to 18 months.

Technical specifications

  • Type of installed belts : cable drawing belt
  • Specifications of the belt : EP 1000/3, anti-abrasion rubber with 50 mm3 index
  • Length of the belt : 3390 mm
  • Width, type of belt : 80/16 mm
  • Product in contact : sleeved cables
times longer life for the belt
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Cable drawing belts



Our cable drawing belts are also used in the manufacture of hoses and pipes, designed to transfer solid, liquid or gaseous materials under various pressures.
Our cable drawing belts are made on demand, with a seamlessly wound carcass and under tension, they withstand tensions of up to 2500 N/mm.

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