SUPER‑SCREW®* Security

Permanent splices for heavy duty belts

The first splice in the world with a safety indicator

To optimize your maintenance and your conveyor downtime, MLT teams have revolutionized the world of splicing with the SUPER-SCREW®* SECURITY, equipped with a safety indicator.

This new system allows you to predict and then anticipate the time to change your splice, offering you a considerable reduction in downtime.

*Registered trademark, all rights reserved


  • Safety: red border visible when the junction must be replaced
  • Permanent solution
  • Perfect integration in the belt
  • Optimizes your productivity
  • Easy and quick to install (1 to 2 persons)
  • Self installation, low investment
  • Leak proof and flexible
  • Compatible with small pulley diameter
  • Compatible with conveyor scrapers


Surface mine

Cement plant



Food industry

Automotive industry

Brickwork and tile factorie

Cardboard and paper mill


Construction and concrete plant

Fertilizer and chemical

Foundry and steel mill

Wood industry



Sugar factory

Belt thickness before skiving mm 5+3 6+2 6+3 8+3 10+3
inch 3/16’’ + 1/8’’ 1/4’’ + 1/16’’ 1/4’’ + 1/8’’ 5/16’’ + 1/8’’ 3/8’’ + 1/8’’
Skiving blades (mm) 4.5 3.5 6.5 2.5 6.5 3.5 8.5 3,5 10.5 3,5
Type* Type of belt Belt tension Operating tension Min pulley Ø, mm Screw dimensions
N/mm PIW
65 630/2 630/3 630 360 200 5x14 - 5x16
85 800/2 800/3 800 450 250 5x16 - 5x18
100 1000/3 1000/4 1000 570 300 5x18 - 5x20
1000/5 1000/6
105 1000/3 1000/4 1000 570 350 5x20 - 5x22
1000/5 1000/6

Spacers: One size spacer

*Our splicing solutions have been engineered for normal applications.

For tough and abrasive environments, we encourage you to select an upper Super-Screw®* size (please check specifications before)


    SUPER-SCREW® Original Anti-Abrasion Flexible Splice

    SUPER-SCREW®*  is designed with a high abrasion resistant rubber of 50 mm³, useful for the most demanding and severe applications.

    SUPER-SCREW® Original Retardant Coating

    SUPER-SCREW®* can be installed in systems with temperatures up to 150°C (302°F) continuous and 170°C (338°F) flash.

    SUPER-SCREW® splice Fire retardant

    SUPER-SCREW®* fabricated in accordance with ISO 340 and ISO 284, ensures your security of silos and underground mines in fire resistant and antistatic environnements.

    SUPER-SCREW® heat resistant splice for heavy belts

    SUPER-SCREW® can be installed in systems with temperatures up to 150°C (302°F) continuous and 170°C (338°F) flash.

    SUPER-SCREW® splice with oil resistant

    SUPER-SCREW®* is also available for surfaces which require oil and solvent resistance.

    SUPER-SCREW® very low temperature resistant

    SUPER-SCREW®* resists even at low temperatures until -30°C (-22°F) (-50°C (-58°F) on demand).

Screw and insert for SUPER-SCREW®

Types of steel for screws and inserts available



Steel screws and inserts
High resistance, it’s the perfect choice for most applications : quarries, cement plants, mines, etc.

Stainless steel screws and inserts - 316 non-magnetic
For resistance in corrosive and saline applications : gold mines, phosphate mines, sorting center, fertilizer plant, recycling facilities and salt handling, etc.

Splice SUPER-SCREW® Security


  • 65 - 100 : In roll of 3 (stainless steel only) or 5 (steel only)**, 10 and 25 m.
  • 105 : In roll of 3 (stainless steel only) or 5 (steel only)**, 10 and 15 m.
  • In kit, pre-assembled and cut to lenght, for belt widhts of 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 mm.


  • Installation tools
  • Customization*

*Reserved for partners contracts
**3 or 5 m depending on the quality of the coating, please consult us.

Training of certified installers

Simple tools to help you​


Installation template kit (included)​

  • Screw selection tool​
  • Super-Screw®* Installation template guide​

Cordless tool kit (17 elements) (option)​

  • Cordless belt skiver and accessories​
  • Cordless powered driver and accessories​
  • PPE​

Certified Installer Training (option)​

  • An official training program conducted by MLT professionals​
  • Theoretical + practical​

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MLT Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA has specialized in the processing and distribution of stone materials for over a century.

Their production facilities are located at La Ballastière, on the west side of the town of Gland, Switzerland.

Main product used


  • 100

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