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Sandblasting / tumblasting belts are used in shotblasting machines

Used in forges, medical sector for prothesis, springs, fish hooks, knives and to clean foundry pieces after furnace unload. They are manufactured from specific fabric to work under inflexion rolls. Our belts are manufactured with a very high resistant rubber (abrasion index of 50 mm3), which is critical to bear the sand blastings up to 200 m/s. Our holes are completely cylindrical in order to maximize the sand evacuation. Cleats, guides and treads are integrally moulded.

Sandblasting Technical belt with visible hole


  • Highly abrasion resistant rubber compounds
  • Cylindrical bore

Automotive industry

Foundry and steel mill

Breaking tension Up to 1 000 N/mm
Carcass Special carcass without metal but stiffened.
Textile : 2, 3 or 4 plies
Coating Tyres quality rubber: abrasion resistant, oil resistant or heat resistant
Drilling Cylindrical : no jamming , excellent blast sand evacuation
Endless length Up to 6 500 mm
Width Up to 2 000 mm
  • Excellent output and exceptionnal resistance
  • Holes on request (Ø, centre distances, free areas)
  • with or without heat-vulcanized cleats
  • with or without heat-vulcanized centered guide

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MLT Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA

Ronchi SA has specialized in the processing and distribution of stone materials for over a century.

Their production facilities are located at La Ballastière, on the west side of the town of Gland, Switzerland.

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