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The MLT sandblasting belt has increased the life of our belt (x 2), we have also noticed a better resistance of the belt.


Daniel Gras - Maintenance Manager
How to improve the life of the belt ?

Customer issue

Our belts used to have a 1 year life span and the resistance of the belts was not optimal.

MLT answer

The specific carcass of the MLT sandblasting belt machine allows to work under stress of the inflection discs and to ensure the stability of the belts. Combined with the high abrasion resistance of our mixtures, today the belt has a life span of 2 years.

Technical specifications

  • Type of installed belt : sandblasting belt 4 plies, 16 offset half round cleats 550 x 30 x 15 mm no guide
  • Endless belt length : 2860 mm
  • Width : 500 mm
  • Thickness : 9 mm
  • Product in contact with the belt : 700 Kg of load on the belt, aluminum castings and metal shot
year longer life of the belt
Star product

Sandblasting - Tumblasting Belts



Sandblasting / tumblasting belts are used in shotblasting machines.
Used in forges, medical sector for prothesis, springs, fish hooks, knives and to clean foundry pieces after furnace unload.


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