MLT Super-Screw Original Cement plant


Société des Ciments du Bénin


Société des Ciments du Bénin is a crushing unit, with its own laboratory that allows to garantee high level of cement. The packing unit is the last step in the production line, where cement is packed in bags. Cement is made from a mix of clinker, lime and gypsum in defined quantities.


Installation is faster than our last procedure by hot vulcanizing. With MLT solutions and particularly SUPER-SCREW®* Original, we have considerably reduced conveyors downtime.


Houessou Roger & Valery Adélakoun
How could you splice your belts easier and faster?

Customer issue


With the last splicing method, downtime was 36 hours and needed 4 splicers.

MLT answer

With SUPER-SCREW®*, the lifetime of this new splice is between 3 and 6 years. Dedicated human resources are now 2 people. The maximum time to install the splice is one hour.

Technical specifications:

  • Belt: EP500/4 AA
  • Belt length: 207m
  • Belt width: 800mm
  • Product: lime and clinker
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people to install the splice
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SUPER‑SCREW®* Original


MLT is the inventor of the world’s first flexible screw splice, created in 1994: the SUPER-SCREW®* Original. Since then, this permanent endless system has proven its worth all over the world by offering a simple and quick installation in any situation.

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