Nyrstar is a global multi-metal business that can meet the demand for zinc, lead and other metals and products for many generations to come. Nyrstar has a market leading position in zinc and lead and has mines, smelters and other operations in Europe, the United States and Australia.


Lifetime is high compared to our previous belts, 7 days on average for 80 days with the MLT solution. Significant reduction of maintenance interventions and costs. Improvement of the stability of the furnace feed, minimizing machine downtime.


Lionel Duconseil - Reliability Specialist
How to improve the belt's lifespan ?

Customer issue

Our previous thrower belts had a short life span (on average 7 days).

MLT answer

The MLT thrower belts defined according to each product in contact and machine characteristics have a much better resistance and stability in the thrower, which increases the life of the belt.

Technical specifications

  • Type of installed belt : endless thrower belt without splice textile chain and metal wefts
  • Endless belt length : 2860 mm
  • Width : 500 mm
  • Thickness : 9 mm
  • Product in contact with the belt : Zinc Ore
more days of life
Star product

Thrower - Slinger Belts



Thrower belts run under very high speeds (from 10 to 20 m/s), under inflexion rolls and withstand very hard working conditions


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