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The ISC® solved the splicing problems, reduced the downtime of the conveyor during assembly. We are switching all our belts to ISC® belts and will not use cold gluing.

Cédric Kien - Director
How to limit belt opening problems due to the aggressiveness of the products transported?

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The different issues that MLT had to address were to improve the life of the belt (5 to 8 months), to reduce the downtime of the conveyor (8 hours).

MLT answer

The ISC® has improved the life of the belt to 2 years. The downtime has also been improved from 8 hours to 2 hours. Previously, they had problems with splice opening due to the aggressiveness of the transported chemicals, the ISC® allows to limit this problem and thus to improve the belt life compared to a cold gluing.

Technical data

  • Types of belts installed : 400/3 4+2 vit. 1.5 m/s & 350/2 3+1.5 vit. 1.5 m/s
  • Belt length : 23 m & 8 m
  • Width : 800 mm & 500 mm
  • Conveyed product: Grape must
hours of conveyor downtime reduction
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The ISC™ is an innovative lacing solution. It is the most unique on the conveyor belt fastener market. It allows a belt to be endless, by simply screwing each end without extra thickness. Installation in 20 minutes.


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