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Hume Cement is led by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that continue to propel the company forward with all the latest industry technical innovations. This strong combination of hardware (our state-of-the-art plant) and software (our skilled work force) sets Hume Cement apart from the rest.
Hume Cement also places great importance on going green and adopts various environmentally-friendly processes. It is our consistent pursuit to be an ever improving energy-saving cement plant while maintaining the highest quality standards for all our products."



SUPER-SCREW® Original has been used for urgent splicings where it is impossible to do with other splicing methods.
Moreover, splicing a new belt and an old one, from a ST800 to a ST1600 was too complicated to be made by hot splice. The only solution who made that possible without having a long downtime was SUPER-SCREW® Original."

Mohammad Zharif Bin Anuar
How would you do an urgent splice?

Customer issue


Splicing the belt by hot splice was too complicated. Costs were also too high. We had to react quick to solve our issue.

MLT answer

SUPER-SCREW® is a soft splice that can be installed quickly. Conveyor downtime has been reduced and the number of people involved is descreased.
Technical specifications

  • Belt type: ST1600 with 2 layers of ply AA
  • Belt length: 1,200m and 640m
  • Belt width: 1,400mm
  • Product: lime
hours of production avoided
Star product



MLT is the inventor of the world’s first flexible screw splice, created in 1994: the SUPER-SCREW® Original. Since then, this permanent endless system has proven its worth all over the world by offering a simple and quick installation in any situation.

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