Since 1643, GUILLET has been designing, manufacturing and commercialising tools characterised by their use in impact work. Over generations, this family-run business has evolved in forging, traditional machining, and then multi-axis numerical control machining, while retaining complete command of its manufacturing processes (forging, machining, heat treatment, brazing, packaging, etc.) : genuine advantages ensuring its independence and responsiveness.


The MLT sandblasting belt is less expensive than the original one, the manufacturing is custom made with a choice of diameter and hole positions.


Florian Gireau - General Manager
How to meet a custom need ?

Customer issue

The holes are expanding too fast.

MLT answer

The MLT sandblasting belt lasted 10 years, the holes grew less quickly than on the original belt.

Technical specifications

  • Type of installed belts : 3 plys highly abrasion resistant rubber
  • Endless belt length : 3950
  • Width / thickness : 1065 / 15-16 mm
  • Conveyed product : industrial tools
years longer life of the belt
Star product

Sandblasting - Tumblasting Belts



Sandblasting / tumblasting belts are used in shotblasting machines.
Used in forges, medical sector for prothesis, springs, fish hooks, knives and to clean foundry pieces after furnace unload.


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