Ambatovy is a major industrial operation mining and refining nickel and cobalt in Madagascar. It is the largest-ever foreign investment in the country – and one of the biggest in sub-Saharan Africa. It ranks among the largest lateritic nickel mining companies in the world. Ambatovy constantly strives to be a leader in operational efficiency, health and safety, environmental management, and social engagement – while contributing to the long-term prosperity of Madagascar.


Previously, we were using a 476 meter reel, which was not practical to change the belt because it was heavy and bulky. Today, we only use 2 belts equipped with integrated ISC® splice. This allows us to move the belts more easily through the conveyor and save a lot of time to put the conveyor back into service. We noticed that the downtime for this conveyor went from 22 hours to 6 hours, which represents significant savings for the company and a gain in productivity

M. Solofotiana - Maintenance Supervisor
How could you reduce downtimes?

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Conveyor downtime was 22 hours in the past because we had to unroll 476m of belt.

MLT answer

ISC® reduces the downtime when changing a belt.

Technical specifications

  • Belt type: EP800/3 AA
  • Belt length: 176m
  • Width: 800mm
  • Product: Nickel ore
people to safely install the splice
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The ISC™ is an innovative lacing solution. It is the most unique on the conveyor belt fastener market. It allows a belt to be endless, by simply screwing each end without extra thickness. Installation in 20 minutes.


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