Racloflex Technigum

Conveyor equipment

In March 2021, MLT Group acquired the Belgian company TechnicGum, a manufacturer of accessories and equipment for conveyors since 1964.

From belt cleaners, self-tracking devices, V-ploughs and other transfer point equipment, the TechnicGum range completes the MLT Group's offer, and thus allows you to have a wide range of solutions to equip your conveyors.

Racloflex Technigum

Belt cleaning



Belt cleaners are essential equipment for your conveyors.

You might have noticed carryback on you conveyor belts and you wonder how to keep them clean?
Are you tired of your belts getting damaged...


Belt centerer StarTracker

Belt tracking



Have you ever noticed misaligned conveyor belts?
Do you wonder how to keep your belt perfectly tracked?

Belt trackers are here to help you avoid this common mistracking problem and avoid...


Perfect sealing

Transfer point and sealing



What happens in the load zone often is a mystery. However keeping an eye on it might help you improve productivity by preventing product spillage, loss or dust.
What are the solutions to make your conveyor more...