Perfect sealing

Transfer point and sealing

What happens in the load zone often is a mystery. However keeping an eye on it might help you improve productivity by preventing product spillage, loss or dust.

What are the solutions to make your conveyor more efficient?

Sliders, impact beds or impact cradles help material to be contained and reduce material impacts on the belt.
Skirting systems are here to seal the load zone to prevent material spillage or dust.
These solutions improve safety, efficiency and prevent downtimes.

MLT's impact cradle and skirting systems work under very demanding conditions no matter the environment or industry (minesfertilizer and chemicalfoundries and steel millsports...)



Customized design to protect your belt

Machine-welded steel Atlas impact cradle manufactured to order. Removable sides for installation in presence of the belt.
Compatible with SUPER‑SCREW®, ISC® and FIX'N GO®.




The gliding and sealing bar

The idlers are occasional supports for the belt that does not always allow the belt to be totally flat and does not assure a good sealing from the clamping skirt. The GlideBar are a continous support which guarantees a flat belt.




The innovative skirt that offers a perfect seal

The modular skirt with simple, quick and sustainable maintenance. Skirt composed of bracing plate to be joined with anti abrasion rubber modules 200 mm by 5 (1 000) or 6 (1 200). Compensation for wear with a simple hammer adjustment. Compatible...

Gemini Skirt


A revolutionary skirt that maximizes your productivity

Compatible with SUPER‑SCREW®, ISC® and FIX'N GO®. Dual sealing skirt. The Gemini Skirt offers a two-part seal adjustable in height in relation to each other.


BigBen 3


An innovation designed for quick adjustments

Perfect sealing in record time. The clamping skirt BigBen 3 enables :

The use of simple non-pierced skirts for an economical solution. The readjusting of the sealing, in a short period of time, by only one person without tools, of hundred of meters of...