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The MLT Group acquires Technicgum

April 2021

The MLT Group continues its expansion and acquires TechnicGum, a Belgian manufacturer of high-quality conveyor accessories and equipment.
The MLT Group, manufacturer of splicing solutions for conveyor belts, headquartered in Saint-Chamond, continues its growth by acquiring the Belgian company TechnicGum, manufacturer of conveyor accessories and equipment.

Since the acquisition of MLT Minet Lacing Technology in 2017 by Frédéric Guillemet and Patrick Vericel, the MLT Group has enjoyed a double-digit growth, leading in 2018 to a redefinition of its strategic development axes. With the ambition of becoming the world reference in belt conveyor performance improvement, MLT must build a solid, agile and reactive organization in order to ensure an ambitious and balanced growth.
At the dawn of this month of April 2021, the MLT Group announces that it has acquired the company TechnicGum, thus continuing its growth dynamic defined over 2 years ago.

"Like MLT, TechnicGum focuses on innovation, quality, European manufacturing and international development, and is fully in line with the strategy we have defined for the MLT Group," the directors of the French group say.

The MLT Group is therefore expanding its product range. With a full range of conveyor accessories, custom solutions for spillage control improvements and a wide range of technical polyurethane parts, the acquisition of TechnicGum is a logical addition to the existing MLT Group range: flexible and mechanical splicing solutions for conveyor belts, manufacturing of technical belts and vulcanizing presses. Therefore, it provides a global response to market players and users.
After the opening of a 3rd manufacturing plant in France, 3 openings of subsidiaries abroad in the last 3 years and a partnership agreement on North America at the beginning of 2021 with FLEXCO, the MLT Group, with the acquisition of this new business line, continues its growth ambitions and is more than ever a player in the change of the industrial world of its customers.

About Minet Lacing Technology
MLT, founded in 1947, designs and manufactures products for the splicing and repair of conveyor belts. Its three production factories are located in France and each has its own field of expertise:

  • The Saint-Privat-des-Vieux (30) factory is specialized in the manufacture of mechanical fasteners, IFS flexible splices and installation tools.
  • The Stelytec Saint-Chamond (42) factory is specialized in the manufacture of round-balers, the realization of vulcanizing presses, the manufacture and the business of vulcanizing tools.
  • Finally, the factory in Saint-Chamond (42), where the company is headquartered, is specialized in the manufacture of flexible splices and technical belts.

MLT generates 92% of its sales from exports, in more than 120 countries around the world, and also has six distribution subsidiaries: Spain, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Australia and Morocco.


About TechnicGum Polymères
Created in 1964, TechnicGum Polymères designs, manufactures and markets accessories for belt conveyors: a wide range of belt cleaners, belt trackers, spillage controls, sceening media and PU parts... as well as other high quality equipment for bulk handling and storage in various industries. Its production factory is located in Neufvilles, Belgium.

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Group Marketing and Communication Director