Fastener for light duty belt

Special offer light duty belts

From April 1st to June 30th, 2022

4 cases of 48 fasteners purchased, the 5th offered*
4 IFS belts purchased, the 5th offered*
Free shipping for new customers**

**For any 1st order of 2 000 € HT minimum
*The cheapest of the 5
*Offer valid for Central Europe and CIS Area countries, for any order of the mentioned product, registered from April 1st to June 30st 2022, list of concerned countries on request

MLT - Fasteners- Clip'N Lock® - light duty belts


4 cases of 48 fasteners purchased = 1 case of 48 fasteners free*

*in the Self-lock® / Clip’N Lock®/ Mini-Record ranges, combination possible.

IFS blue for light duty belts

4 IFS belts purchased = 1 IFS belt offered*

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